Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.  We will update this list as more questions arise.  Please check back as the race date gets closer.


Q: Will I be able to wear a wetsuit?

A: Wesuits will be allowed should the water temperature be under 78 degrees F.  Athletes wearing a wetsuit are not eligible to set course records.


Q: What will the course look like?

A: The 500 meter course will be an out and back course.  With the 1.2 mile course being a loop out, under the bridge, back and under the bridge again.  The 2.4 mile will be twice around the 1.2 mile course. (click photo to enlarge map)  The 3.1 (5K) mile swim will be a combination of loops from the 1.2 course. The courses will be marked with buoys, difference colors for the 500m than the distance races.


Q: Will there be watercraft in the race area on race day?

A: The only watercraft allowed in the race area will be safety patrol boats.  These will include kayak/canoe type boats to closely monitor athletes, as well as motorized boats patrolling a little farther out.


Q: What do I do if I need assistance during the swim?

A: Should they need assistance during the swim, athletes should raise their arm into the air and wave toward one of the boats.


Q: What are the rules about hanging onto a boat?

A: Athletes may hang onto a boat in order to catch their breath.  However, the boat is not able to move the athlete forward at this time.  Also, when returning to swimming the athlete may not push off the boat.


Q: When and where will I receive my race packet?

A: All packets will be handed out on race day near the boat ramp.


Q: Do I have to wear a swim cap?

A: Yes all athletes must wear the provided swim cap for visibility/safety reasons.


Q: What about inclement weather?

A: Should the weather become unsafe once the race has begun, athletes will be signaled by red flags on the boats.  Should athletes see these red flags they are to return immediately to shore.  Safety patrol craft/boats shall also notify athletes should they be unaware or unable to see the flags.


Q: How will this race be timed?

A: This race will be chip timed.  Athletes will wear a timing chip (given out on race morning at packet pick-up) on either ankle throughout the race and across the finish line.


Q: What will I need in order to get my packet?

A: Athletes will need to show a picture ID in order to pick up their packets.


Q: Are there any refunds or transfers?

A: There are no refunds or transfers.


Q: What is the minimum age to participate?

A: Athletes must be 13 years or older in order to participate in this event. If the athlete is between 13 – 17 years old they must have signed waiver from a parent or legal guardian and a recommendation from a swim coach.


Q:  Is there a time limit to completing the race?

A: Yes all 1.2, 2.4, and 3.1 mile athletes must be across the finish line before 11:30 AM.  If an athlete is not finished at this time they will be assisted back to shore by a safety boater.

Q: Can I pick up my friends packet?

A: Because a picture ID is required at packet pickup, all athletes must come to pick up their own packets.




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Swim the bridge August 5, 2018
Swim Start Time: 8 AM

Swim distances:
500 meters
1.2 miles
2.4 miles
3.1 miles

Team (6+ athletes) Cash $$ awards!!!

Course Records

500 Meter:
Male: Greg Moyle, Ankeny, IA 07:07.8 ('12)
Female: Krista Tippin Waukee, IA 08:02.2 ('12)

1.2 mile:
Males: Dennis Bennett Norwalk, IA - 26:02.4 ('12)
Female: Krista Tippin Waukee, IA - 27:42.9 ('12)

2.4 Mile:
Male: Tony Stewart Overland Park, KS - 48:24.4 ('12)
Female: Rachel Stauffer, Des Moines, IA - 55:45.5 ('12)

3.1 (5K) Mile:
Male: Wayne Huebener Iowa City, IA - 1:14:42.3 ('12)
Female: Shelia Wrobel Papillion, NE - 1:19:26.7 ('12)

Fastest Team:
2017 - TriRacers of Iowa
2016 - Above + Beyond Cancer
2015 - Dream Team
2014 - Dream Team
2013 - Z3 Performance Triathlon Team
2012 - Y Rats -Riverfront YMCA
2011 - TRI Racers of Iowa

Think you can beat them in 2018? You just need 6 swimmers and one swimmer in each distance...